Just another poem for my lonely heart

10 Feb

Just another poem for my lonely heart;

i have no tears to cry

but it doesn’t mean I’ve no pain inside.

Just another poem for my lonely heart;

I wish there’d be another poem

and not for a wounded heart.

But I guess there wont be more

but just another poem

for my lonely, lonely heart.


You are the color

20 Sep

You are the color

in my dull and empty world,

the silent prayer

that nobody knows.

You are the blade

that cuts deep within,

and then the scar

that stays forever.

You are the color

in my dull and empty world,

the solemn song

that makes me cry.

Yes you are the sad poem

that I will always write

but still, you are the color

in my dull and empty world.

In every page

20 Sep

In every page I dwell

to the world unknown,

I live other’s lives

as if they are my own.

In every page I weep

the sadness of the words

I smile on their happiness

drown myself in their sorrows.

In every page I dream

of life that is not mine

I long to hear the voices

to feel them in my own time.

In every page I disappear

from this world where I breathe

finding solace to written words

that reality fails to give me.

But then again

they are just pages

not mine,

not mine

but the life I’d never have

in every page I find.

3 am

27 Jun

3 am.
I’m wide awake,
water droplets are
the only music I hear

3 am
The pain is excruciating
Endless tears are not enough
to make me fall asleep.

3 am
Was when I learned that life
isnt fair
And it’s 3am
when I realized,
that my life
would always be,
Like 3 am


29 Apr

And so it falls,
I thought it is stronger
from all the storms
and mistakes
it couldn’t handle.
But it falls again,
too slow
too scared.
And all I could do
is watch
and wait
till it hits the ground
and be broken,

But those eyes are green

10 Mar

The voice is not as sweet
As I would please,
The song is not comforting
As a goodnight kiss.

But those eyes are green.

The smile is not the one
I’d fall for,
Even the laugh is not
Harmonious with mine.

But those eyes are green.

There’s nothing there to console me
Nothing in him to make me happy

But his eyes are green.

I want to be invisible

13 Jan

Not like the wind that can be felt
Not like the song that can be heard
Not even words one can read
Never a tear to be wiped away

But like a sorrow hidden in the heart
Un-uttered feeling at home in silence
A wordless word no one can understand
A quiet grief not wanting a solace.

I want to be invisible.

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